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An organized tour of Andalucia is one of the best holidays to choose from in our opinion. We have compiled some tours to give you an idea of the possibilities at Tejeda Travel. You can book this trip with us, but also use it as an inspiration when you want to compose your tour through Andalucia. Tejeda Travel will be happy to help you with your ideal holiday.

⇒ Self-drive touring Andalucia
⇒ Tour Andalucia by bus and train
⇒ Small-scale and centrally located hotels
⇒ First-hand tips. We live here!
⇒ Customized and personalized service
⇒ Secure: Payment at arrival!

Self-Drive Touring Andalucia

Self-Drive Tour Andalucia 8 days

Self-Drive Andalucia 8 days

From EUR 695, -p.p. including rental car

Mijas – Ronda – Sevilla – Córdoba – Granada – Málaga
with this Self-Drive Touring through Andalucia, you will discover the most important cities of the region in 8 days. You will experience both the cities with a rich history of Moorish domination and the port city of Málaga with its beach and Palms Boulevard. Read here a detailed description of Self-Drive Touring Andalucia 8 days.

Self-Drive Andalucia 15 days

tour in spain 15 days

From EUR 1195,-p.p. including rental car

Mijas – Ronda – Arcos de la Frontera – Sevilla -Córdoba – Granada – Nerja
with this individual tour you can experience a mix of nature, cities and beaches. There is time to enjoy the impressive buildings and the rich history of the cities, but also of various Natural Parks in Andalucia and the beautiful coastline. Read here a detailed description of Self-Drive Touring Andalucia 15 days.

Self-Drive Andalucia 21 days

individual traveling Andalucia

From EUR 1690, -p.p. including rental car

Antequera – Córdoba – Sevilla – Arcos de la Frontera – Tarifa – Málaga – Granada – Alpujarras – Cabo de Gata
In three weeks, this itinerary will get you a mix of big cities, authentic villages, quiet Natural Parks and sunny Beaches in Andalucia. You will experience a total view of the beautiful region, including the less touristic spots. Read here a detailed description of Self-Drive Touring Andalucia 21 days.

Train & Bus Tour Andalucia

Train & Bus Tour Andalucia 11 days

Mezquita Spain

From EUR 995,-p.p.

Granada – Córdoba – Sevilla – Málaga
If you prefer to make a tour of Andalucia by public transport, this trip is very suitable. You will explore the most important cities in the region without parking problems. Read here a detailed description of Train & Bus Andalucia 11 days.

Train & Bus Andalucia 13 days

travel to Cordoba

From EUR 1095, -p.p.

Málaga – Sevilla – Córdoba – Granada – Nerja
If you want to enjoy the beach during your individual holiday in Spain, then there is certainly still time for this tour by public transport. You will see the most beautiful cities of the region and end the holidays on the beautiful beach of Nerja. Read here a detailed description of Train & Bus Andalucia 13 days.

Individual Tour Andalucia

When you travel individually around Andalucia you have several possibilities. At Tejeda Travel you can choose from a so called ‘Self-Drive Touring’ or a ‘Train &Bus’ tour. If your choice is a ‘Self-Drive Touring’ through Andalucia, you will arrive by plane to Spain and travel to the end of your holiday with a rental car. All your hotels have been booked, but you will have all the freedom to travel around Andalucia. With a ‘Train &Bus’ tour you can use public transport after the flight. With this organized tour of Andalucia you can still visit all the beautiful places of the region, but you don’t have to worry about a parking space in the cities.

Travelling around Andalucia via Tejeda Travel

Unique to Tejeda Travel is that our tips come first hand, as we live in Andalucia. We want to arrange a nice tour for every guest, so you can also travel by public transport, besides a ‘Self-Drive Touring’ in Andalucia. All these individual tours are customized, and we stand for personal service. Don’t hesitate any longer and book your tour of Andalucia today.

Your organized tour in Spain

Did you not find your dream trip through Andalucia or are you actually looking for something else? Of course you can always contact us for a trip through Spain that has been put together on your wishes. Do not wait too long and visit beautiful Andalucia with a tour of Tejeda Travel.


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