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Welcome to Tejeda Travel, your specialist in a tour of Andalucia. Inspired by the nature park “Tejeda”, we, Niko and Gerlinda, have started a travel agency for tours in our favorite Spanish region.

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Why travel to Spain?

Andalucia is wonderful! A rich culture, varied nature, good food, friendly people… And all that in a lovely climate.

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Tejeda Travel Team

A holiday to Spain does not have to be standard at all. Certainly, a trip to Andalucia, in the south of Spain, offers something for every holidaymaker. The area has developed a rich history and culture. The clichés of Spain, such as bullfighting and flamenco, are originally from Andalucia. In addition you can enjoy the culinary highlights such as cured ham, paella and tapas. Andalucia has various Natural Parks and above all a wonderful climate. The summers are dry and the winters are soft, but it can also snow on the peaks of the Sierra Nevada. In short, a trip to Andalucia is for everyone to enjoy!

Plan your trip to Andalucia

We believe that the best way to discover Andalucia is to travel from one place to another. That is why we offer different individual tours. We have several self-drive tours in Andalucia, but you can also travel excellently by Spanish public transport. Another option is to make a relaxed bicycle tour.  If your desired holiday in Andalusia is not included, we will be happy to prepare a personalized trip for you.

Book your tour in Andalucia with Tejeda Travel

With a holiday in Andalucia via Tejeda Travel we can hopefully transfer our love for this region to you. Feel free to contact us for an exploratory talk. Your wishes are our starting point and we will be happy to make a tour that is fully connected to this. Travel Spain this year!

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